Malin Akerman: Hides bump in oversized sweater and shows off legs in animal print leggings

Malin Akerman did a great job of hiding her bump today with an oversized sweater.  I think that she is also wearing a black shirt, which is poking out at the bottom of her sweater – making me think I can see her underwear or something?  Aside from the sweater, there is nothing that I like about this look.  The shoes are too bikerish and the leggings – they are unflattering and the pattern is horrible. 

See our guide on how to wear an oversized sweater / cardigan for some great tips.

Jessica Simpson pregnant again? Are we really ready for this?

US Weekly is running a story that Jessica is 9 weeks pregnant!  I know that this is not a pregnancy fashion story, but OMG!  I feel like I have only just recovered from the complete fashion disaster that was Jessica in her first pregnancy?  Have your eyeballs healed yet?  Can’t remember what I’m talking about.  Don’t remember the tracksuit pants with the red tartan jacket, or the oversized green poncho?  This blog is mostly about fashion wins but I’m putting it out there – if Jessica really is pregnant again, well I’m going to have to follow her.  It’s like looking at an eclispe, you know you can’t but you are compelled to.  And then you go blind.
By the way, what do you think of the cover photo of Jessica.  To me, her features seem very hard – not masculine, but not feminine.  Photoshop disaster I would say. 

Model Lara Stone: Poor posing or poor styling?

Supermodel Lara Stone was posing very awkwardly at the Gotham Awards this week.  She is a beautiful woman but I think that she has it all wrong at this event.  For starters, it doesn’t look like she knows how to pose to show off or minimise her bump.  The posing just looks so unnatural and forced.  Lara also has enormous breasts and this dress is doing a very poor job of containing them.  Especially the side on pictures.  The dress also has no shape – other than the fact that it clings desperately to her boobs.  The bottom of the dress is very rectangular – too much material which makes it look like a boxy old lady’s dress if you crop the photo at the bottom.  Overall, a huge fashion fail – this woman is a supermodel and has the looks, body, money and people at her disposal.