Petra Ecclestone looks casual in grey jersey

Petra Ecclestone shows off her skinny legs in leggings, grey jersey top and sneakers.  It’s like she has two looks going on here.  The top half is quite chic – the grey jersey top (lose the white shirt underneath) and the scarf could look effortless with a pair of, you guessed it, skinny jeans.  A pair of flats or heels if you are a celebrity would really finish it nicely.  The bottom half of her outfit is more suited to a work out or very casual look.  The shoes are channeling Kristen Stewart, for sure. 

Lily (Allen) Cooper shows us how to dress a large bump

Lily, who is ready to pop any day now, already has an (almost) one year old daughter, Ethel.  I think that this is the last time, in a while, that we will see Lily looking so fabulous.  Two children under 12 months, oh my word!  It. nearly. broke. me. having a newborn and a 24 month old.  There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible Lily looks here (and very tired). Which is kinda surprising, because I usually think that Lily isn’t so polished in her look.  The dress is so flattering, especially when you consider how freaking enormous Lily’s bump is.  It is huge.  I love the way the dress skims over her bottom and the colour – midnight blue – is really elegant.  Her hair is a little unkept, but maybe that is intended?