Kim Kardashian wears a grey, yellow, black and white combination

Well it looks like Kim Kardashian’s fake tan has softened somewhat since the Oscars.  Here she is dressed in a grey and yellow dress layered with a black jacket.  I’ll be honest, I really don’t like this look on Kim.

It’s not that the cut of the dress is really unflattering, it is more the colour combination with the yellow and grey in the dress, white shoes and a black jacket.  My eyes don’t know where to focus.

Kim Kardashian wears a printed maxi and shows off bump

Kim Kardashian’s bump is starting to show – but only from a side angle.  From a front on view, I still think that it would be difficult to say that Kim was pregnant if you didn’t already know.  Kim is rarely seen in maxi dresses so this is a nice surprise as I love maxi dresses on the pregnant body.

The print on the maxi dress is a little unusual – which makes sense – I can’t imagine Kim wearing a plain maxi dress.  It looks like the black leather jacket is one that she already owned pre-pregnancy because it doesn’t look like it will be able to zip up again until post-pregnancy.  It still looks good though and shows you that it is possible to get maximum use out of your existing pregnancy wardrobe.  Cardigans and jackets may even be able to be worn for the duration of your pregnancy – depending on the cut and shape and how your body shape changes.

Kristen Bell bares all and it is completely gorgeous!

This is not a post about clothing or styling today – because Kristen Bell is dressed in jeans and a shirt, just like you or I would dress.  Instead it’s about celebrating these glorious photographs.  Glorious because I love that Kristen Bell is confident and assured enough to show her naked bump to all the world.  And I don’t mean in a perfectly lit, strategically photographed photoshoot.  Nope, this is real.  And I’m a fan.