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Beyonce vamps up her pregnancy

Beyonce showed off her baby bump in a black cut out dress at the Tory Burch Madison Avenue Flagship store opening. 

I personally don’t like this at all.   I wouldn’t like it on a non-pregnant person either.  The cut of the dress emphasizes her hips and upper thighs – a part of my body that I don’t like to draw attention to.  Maybe that’s why I’m not in love with it?

Do you agree?  Or is the fashion disaster in me showing itself?

Beyonce shows off her bump in frilly number

I’m sure that you’ve all seen these photos of expectant mum Beyonce.

In all honesty, these pics make me feel somewhat ashamed of my own body.  See, I think that I’m due around the same time as Beyonce and my stomach looks nothing like that.  You can definitely tell that she had a strong, muscular, fit physique before falling pregnant.  She is showing a baby bump but there is no excess (ie fat) padding, unlike my own bump.

Can’t say that I’m loving the frilly bikini though.  I especially don’t like the pants.  With a body like that she could still be rocking a string bikini and look great.  I’ll just be sticking to the one pieces from now to eternity.

What do you think of Beyonce’s bump and bikini?