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Liv Tyler, pregnant and no sign of a bump

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler recently announced her pregnancy to her boyfriend of five months, Dave Gardner.  Looking at these photographs taken this week, there are no visible signs of a bump – just a slight thickening of her waistline.  Liv is tall and thin and she will probably carry this pregnancy very well and look amazing 10 minutes after the birth.

Liv wore all black – a warm coat for the chilly New York weather, tall leather boots, a black handbag and black sunglasses.

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds enjoying Lake Placid

Blake Lively announced her pregnancy on her blog Preserve last week with a couple of well choreographed perfect bump shots.  This week, she has been photographed enjoying Lake Placid – a picturesque little town in upstate NY.  Apparently Blake does not have a stylist – everything that she wears, be it red carpet or just lounging around at home – is selected and purchased by herself.  She is always on the best-dressed lists and based on what she is wearing in these photographs, it makes sense.  She looks fabulous!  I’m calling her look casual-sophisticated.  A bit of an oxymoron, but let me explain.

Oversized coat – check
Patterned scarf – check
Knee high boots – check (flat heel – great for pregnancy)
Sunglasses – check.

If she swapped the oversized coat for a grey or beige trench, brushed and styled her hair and put on a touch of lippy,  it would step it up just that little bit.  But it is a holiday at Lake Placid, not a fashion walk and she still looks fabulous.