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Busy Philipps shows off her long legs in another patterned dress

I haven’t been a fan of Busy Philipps‘ pregnancy style – not that she doesn’t look good (most of the time), it’s just that her style doesn’t appeal to me.  I’m not a big fan of lots of patterns.

Busy legs look amazing in this dress – they look long and toned (and brown).  The shoes are cute and make her legs look longer.

Busy’s overall look is okay – the jacket is gorgeous and I could totally see it with a pair of jeans or leggings.  While the cut of the dress shows off her legs, the neckline is all wrong.  If you are a regular reader, you will know that I don’t really like turtlenecks – unless you have a skinny frame – otherwise, turtlenecks make your chest look bigger and hides your neck.  And this is exactly what the neckline of this dress has done to Busy.

Busy Philipps wears a very busy patterned dress

Busy Philipps was photographed recently in a patterned maxi dress with a halter neck.  To be honest, I’m not a fan of this dress.  The style of the dress is very pretty – the billowingness (not a word, I know) of the dress is tempered by the ‘built-in’ ruffles that stop it from billowing out and making her look huge.  What I’m not a fan of is the pattern on the dress.  It’s the colours – the neon yellow is just too much and makes my eyes hurt.

Busy Philipps follows Neve Campbell’s lead and highlights her bump with a cinched belt

It’s no surprise to anyone that reads my blog – I love maxi dresses.  Some of my favourite looks are maxi dresses – with Neve Campbell’s black maxi dress with beige open cardigan and cinched belt is a true example of baby bump chic.

While Neve wore her belt under the bump, Busy Philipps has worn the belt on top of the bump.  And it also works really well.  Sometimes wearing a maxi dress when pregnant can make you look bigger than you actually are – and this is usually because there is too much material and it hides your shape.  Recently, Kristen Bell wore a flowing blue maxi dress that swamped her petite figure and made her look enormous.  A simple belt cinched on top of or below her bump would have reduced her perceived size by a half.