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Camila Alves looks great in green (again)

The last time I saw Camila dress in green, well I was green with envy.  The girl can look good in just about anything (except for baggy sweatpants – no one look good in those).

So it didn’t come as any surprise that Camila looks great with a huge bump in a green maxi dress and sandals. It doesn’t look like the dress has any support built in the bust area and Camila looks like she is wearing a string bikini – so I don’t know what is stopping gravity from doing its job! 

Camila Alves, Dressing for Comfort: Still Gorgeous?

Despite wearing the horribly unflattering baggy pants and brown boots, Camila Alves still looks gorgeous.  The long sleeved, tight fitting shirt really suits her – although I’m not sure whether that is a pattern on the side of her shirt or she has been spending some time painting with her daughter?  Her hair, as always, looks incredible. 

Camila Alves Visits Matthew McConaughey on Set

Recently, the green eyed monster in me did a post on Camila Alves dressed in a figure hugging green wrap dress.  Here she is today dressed for comfort in a v-necked pink shirt, blue sweatpants and a brown cap.  I totally understand dressing for comfort but I think that she could have ditched the baggy pants for a pair of maternity jeans (do other people wear those or was it just me, was I a dork?).