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Gisele Bundchen masters the casual look

gisele bundchen

Remember when Gisele Bundchen was pregnant?  It’s been a while, but here is a great casual look that you can make your own quite easily.

Take a pair of cargo pants.  If you are shorter than Gisele (likely), then maybe try a pair of jeans.  Add a simple long-sleeved shirt.  If you (and your back) can wear heels, then add a pair of those too! Otherwise, a pair of flats will do nicely as well.

gisele bundchen

gisele bundchen

gisele bundchen

Shop This Look: Gisele Bundchen looks skinny in skinny peach jeans

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Gisele was photographed in August 2012 watching her husband play football.  This casual look would suit a shopping trip or lunch in the park or just hanging with your friends.  

I kicked off this look with a pair of Jeans West coral maternity capri pants.  Although Gisele’s jeans are more of a peach shade, the coral really pops and looks great against a cool white top.  Speaking of which, I am completely in love with this white v-necked top from Jules & Jim.  

Slip on a pair of Snake Slippers from Country Road and accessorise with a friendship bracelet from Marc Jacobs and a delicate necklace from House of Harlow

Get even more peach / coral jeans here: