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Gwen Stefani = Smoking Hot

I think that Gwen Stefani pregnancy style is probably like what Kim Kardashian (ahem Kanye West) wanted to emulate but didn’t pull off so well.  I’ve said before that Gwen Stefani’s style isn’t right up my alley, but in these photographs she really looks amazing.

I’m not sure how she is able to walk in those heels though!  The whole outfit is really well put together. A pair of skinny black jeans, a long black tunic or top and a black blazer.  The length of the blazer is really important when dressing your pregnant body.  If you are buying a jacket, make sure that the jacket does not end at the widest part of your hips as you will be just drawing attention to that area.

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A maternity blazer is not necessarily essential – depending on the size of your bump and how far along in your pregnancy you are, you may be able to wear a non-maternity blazer throughout your pregnancy.  Peaches Geldof was the master of this (although she did have a skinny pregnancy, so it easily worked for her) by leaving the buttons undone on her non-maternity coats and blazers.

Gwen Stefani is modern and edgy

Gwen Stefani, to me, is kinda like Malin Akerman.  Malin stayed true to her own grungy style as seen here, here, and here.  Gwen has done the same – her style is sophisticated with an edginess to it.  You can see that in today’s outfit – the grey tunic and black coat are classy and modern, while the black boots add the edginess that Gwen is known for.

While it is not my preferred look, it really suits her and she accessorises well with the bright red lipstick and perfectly styled hair.