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Hilary Duff and Towering Louboutins

 Impractical, yes.

Chic, I think so.

Hilary Duff has hit the fashion nail right on the head with this outfit.  I’m loving the chicness of it – I only wish I could look this good when I’m not pregnant!  Unfortunately Louboutins are out of my price range….because that’s the only reason why I can’t look like this normally….lol

To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Hilary’s style throughout her pregnancy – which is why there aren’t many posts dedicated to her.  But perhaps it’s time to change that…what do you think?  Chic or fashion disaster?

Hilary Duff’s bump emerges

Hilary Duff spent a lot of hard hours at the gym before getting married last year to produce quite a banging body.  The results are still showing, despite some pretty awful styling.  Here’s Hilary out in LA this week dressed in a grey maxi skirt, white shirt and some killer heels.  I still don’t understand how celebs can walk around while pregnant (well anytime, really) in such heels.  Pretty strange comment coming from the just 5 foot blogger here.  Heels were designed for someone like me, but nah, I like my flats.

Anyway, I’m digressing.  Hilary’s donned the outfit with some sort of crocheted hat and very messy bed hair.  Overall, I don’t like it.