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Holly Candy (Valance) reveals the way to wear horizontal stripes

It wasn’t too long ago (was it?) that Holly Candy (nee Valance) was a bright eyed actress on one of the longest running tv shows in Australia – Neighbours.  She played the fiesty Flick and, honestly, I loved the storyline of the show back then.  There is only one other storyline that equals it and that was the whole Izzy / Karl / Susan affair.  Flick left Ramsay Street after her sister discovered that she was having an affair with her fiance.  It was big, huge!

As the young Flick on Neighbours

Not like Holly’s bump now.  Whilst I get that how pregnant you look is dependent on a range of things – like the cut, style and colour of your dress and the angle at which the photo is taken.  But, it is hard to see any real shape of a baby bump in this outfit.

It was only a year or so ago that Holly had gained a substantial amount of weight, which she must have lost before she fell pregnant, because although her face is a little fuller, she is still looking very healthy and fit.

If you want to copy Holly’s exact look, prepare to spend big (she is married to a billionaire after all).

Or you can go for a more affordable option from ASOS.