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Malin Akerman in striped midi still stays true to her own style

Here’s Malin Akerman photographed coming out of the supermarket dressed in a striped tank midi dress with brown boots.

This dress really suits Malin because she is tall and has maintained a slim body throughout her pregnancy.  I love that she has added her own personal style with the brown suede boots that would look completely out of place on anyone else.  But for her, I get it (finally, you all say!).

She’s kept her hair down with loose curls and minimal makeup.

Malin Akerman in a cropped black cardigan that I must have!

Malin’s Akerman’s pregnancy is coming to an end and I have a little confession to make – I’m going to miss seeing her pregnancy style.  That’s right, even though I took a while to get on the Malin Akerman ‘edgy’ style, I’m a full paying passenger now and I’m really going to miss it.

Here she is dressed in a blue maxi dress, cropped black cardigan and her motoboots.  That cardigan is divine – I want it so badly.  It would go with so many different outfits – imagine it with skinny jeans and a white tank with ballet slip ons (in any colour!).  Or with an a-line skirt.  Or a pair of leggings.

Malin Akerman steps away from her usual look; still maintains edge with her boots

Malin Akerman’s grungy aesthetic has slowly grown on me. At first, I didn’t like her style because it was too grungy for me. Forgive me for saying this, but I thought that she was wasting her body and looks by not dressing in the usual Hollywood way.  I had a certain image of what she should look like with her blonde hair, blue eyes and long and lean body. But she kept bringing out those punky leather jackets and motorcycle boots and I kept saying over and over again that I didn’t like it.

Call it a backflip if you like 🙂 I’m going for ‘evolved’ 🙂  That’s right, I like Malin’s style.

So it surprised me a little this morning when I saw these photographs of Malin at a tree planting event at an LA elementary school. She looks really fresh and almost girly with her hair in soft waves and light makeup. I think what also threw me was the colour – Malin’s clothes have been more muted – blacks and greys and this bright green top was a nice change.  It’s not a girly top – it almost looks like a cycling jersey.  She’s teamed it with a pair of leggings and her motoboots.  And it looks great.  And if I had a hat I’d eat it 🙂