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Almost there! Rachel Bilson in maxi dress in third trimester

I found the third trimester of pregnancy to be a hard sell.  The swollen ankles and hands, the complete inability to find a comfortable sleeping position and for me, being due at the very end of a long, hot summer, the fact that I was always hot.  That’s feeling hot, obviously.

So when I look at these recent photographs of Rachel Bilson, I have a bit of an ‘ah ha’ moment.  She looks completely comfortable and cool, even at the end of her pregnancy.  Why?  It’s a big thank you to the maxi dress.  Rachel Bilson is not very tall and sometimes a maxi dress on shorter women can make you look frumpy and larger than you are.  The trick is usually to add a belt either above or below the bump to add some definition.

Rachel’s dress by Cynthia Vincent is a little different and it really suits her body shape and height.  It isn’t a maternity dress, so it is also a great choice if you are looking for a gorgeous maxi dress.

The cut of the dress

The cut of the maxi dress is longer at the back than it is at the front.  This creates height.  This is called a ‘high low’ dress.


There is also a layering effect – the two layers at the bottom of the dress along with the along with decorative layers make the dress appear lighter because there is less material draping around her feet.

There is also a layer closer to the body that falls about mid-thigh length.


White is the perfect colour for this dress – it looks cool and classic.

Where to Buy?

Amazon has a wide range of Cynthia Vincent dresses.  Below are a couple of my favourites.