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Erin McNaught, model, pregnant, selfie – need I say more? (she’s stunning)

Just one thing to remember when you look at this photo – Erin is a model.  Repeat, Erin is a model.  So it’s not unexpected that she looks this freaking amazing in a pregnant, bikini selfie.  Most of us would like to look this good sans baby.  Erin is all about showing off the bump, so we will probably be seeing a lot of these kind of pics over the next 5 or so months.  So take a deep breath, have another glass of orange juice/milk/insert non-alcoholic drink here.

Marisa Miller: Pregnancy shoot with Allure Magazine

Victoria Secret model, Marisa Miller, in her photoshop for Allure – is all about celebrating the pregnant body.  Because, if you are pregnant and you have a body like Marisa – well it definitely should be celebrated….publicly?  In all its glory?

Personally this photoshoot is a bit meh.  In the shot above, Marisa’s face looks way too photoshopped and I’m really not into the posed pregnancy photos (or posed baby photos as well).  I prefer them to look more natural – more like how a real woman would look.  But this a magazine and a VS model so that’s never going to happen.

Although they are still way to posy – I really like the second and third shots.  They are going for the ethereal beauty look but it has worked because her face looks much softer and less severe in these photos.

To comment on the barely there clothes – the skirt is lovely – very Jessica Alba-esque.

Model Lara Stone: Poor posing or poor styling?

Supermodel Lara Stone was posing very awkwardly at the Gotham Awards this week.  She is a beautiful woman but I think that she has it all wrong at this event.  For starters, it doesn’t look like she knows how to pose to show off or minimise her bump.  The posing just looks so unnatural and forced.  Lara also has enormous breasts and this dress is doing a very poor job of containing them.  Especially the side on pictures.  The dress also has no shape – other than the fact that it clings desperately to her boobs.  The bottom of the dress is very rectangular – too much material which makes it look like a boxy old lady’s dress if you crop the photo at the bottom.  Overall, a huge fashion fail – this woman is a supermodel and has the looks, body, money and people at her disposal.