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Teresa Palmer lets it all hang out!

Just yesterday I commented that Teresa Palmer’s tshirt was a little too short for my liking – almost displaying her large bump.  In these photographs, you can see what I was afraid of!  Dressed very casually, Teresa’s shirt does not have enough length to cover her almost-ready-to-pop baby belly.

I get that Teresa is in the very last stages of her pregnancy and she would be wanting to wear the most comfortable clothing…..but this was not her best look.

The shirt, obviously, does not have enough length and her slip ons look really old and dirty.  This outfit could have been improved by swapping the shirt for a white singlet or tank top and swapping the slip ons for a pair of comfy thongs (flip flops).

Gisele Bundchen looks skinny in skinny peach jeans

It’s really hard to notice the hint of a bump on display here. My mind is distracted by thinking about how long and skinny Gisele’s legs are.  The second picture highlights how long her legs are from her hip to her knee….are those jeans supposed to finish above her ankle or are her legs just too long for them?

Anyway, paired with the sleeveless white shirt, Gisele looks really great here.  Probably not a look many people could pull off.  I think that a petite figure could pull off this look, especially since there aren’t any layers which would overwhelm a small figure.