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Kristen Bell shows us how to dress a huge bump with non-maternity clothes

Kristen Bell

One of the things I’ve always said to my tall, pregnant friends is that short people make for big bumps! Now you may be one of those genetically lucky tall people and are able to find plenty of clothes to accentuate and make you and your bump look amazing.  But for those of us that are shorter than the norm, it can be really disheartening and difficult to find clothes to fit our pregnant bodies.  So it’s nice to see other short(ish) celebrities with big bumps and to see how they dress their changing bodies.

Kristen Bell has had a lot of pregnancy style winners.  The only outfit that I haven’t really liked of hers could have easily been fixed with a belt.

She’s been photographed here in a lilac dress with white spots, a non-maternity denim jacket and beige thongs (that’s flip flops for my American readers).  She looks great and her enormous bump looks great as well.

Kristen’s outfit shows us that it is possible to wear certain items from your non-maternity wardrobe right into your third trimester.  Jackets that don’t need to be buttoned up are perfect for the whole of your pregnancy.  It looks like Kristen’s dress may also be non-maternity.  My preference would be to wear a maternity dress this far into your pregnancy if you have a bump like Kristen’s that really sticks out.  Only because in the shot below you can see the material is stretched at the side/bottom of her bump.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Holly Madison shows us how to wear a ruched dress when pregnant

Gosh it feels like Holly Madison has been pregnant for forever!  Here’s a couple of photographs of her baby shower.  I can’t remember reading about Holly finding out the sex of her baby but she must be having a girl by the looks of things.

I love what Holly has worn to her baby shower – a ruched, capped sleeve dress.  The pattern is not too distracting and the colour is very ‘Holly’.  She worn a print dress a month of so ago which also looked really great.

Kristen Bell wears an incredible leather jacket to Sundance Film Festival

Kirsten Bell looks so cute in this purple shift dress, black leather jacket and leggings, chunky necklace and flat ankle boots.  I thought that the ankle boots were a little too chunky and didn’t really match her overall look.  That leather jacket.  I die.

Update: Just found out that the leather jacket is Isabella Oliver, of course.  Here is a link if you want to make it yours.