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Do you know how Kim Kardashian could have improved her look?

Let me start by saying that there are a lot of things that I actually like about Kim Kardashian’s outfit, but I’ll get into those later.

The Not-So-Good

First the not-so-good. Where Kim has gone wrong is that the dress has shortened the length of her torso and increased its width.  Not a good combination, ever.  There’s too much going on in her midsection with the pattern of the sheer (again) bodice and then the detail of the feathered skirt. It’s just given her the worst shape. By having two completely different materials (the sheer vs the feathers), it’s cut her torso in half and the eye just immediately focuses on that junction.  Imagine the difference if the dress had been made of one material…it would floooooow.

The Good

For the good.  I love love love the leather pants under the skirt.  I really think that it’s chic and ‘right now’.  Plus the cut of these leather pants is perfect for her body and the right length as well.  Plus there is no embellishment or ‘extras’ like sheer panels, or baggy in the worst places.  And shoes, well I love most of Kim’s shoes and these are no exception.  They are simple and gorgeous.

The Rest

And finally, hair and makeup.  As usual, impeccable.

Final Note

Is it just me, or has Kim looked a little down in all of the photographs of her lately?  I would love to see a smile.  Kanye doesn’t look too happy either (but that may be because he realised that those awful white shoes are completely and utterly wrong with what he is wearing)

Petra Ecclestone does not let pregnancy get in the way of fashion

Petra Ecclestone stepped out in skin tight leather pants that show off her still impossibly skinny legs.  She teamed it with a sheer shirt, fur, and expensive beaded boots.  This is a pretty standard look for Petra who has not changed her pregnancy style at all – which is helped by the fact that she has really only put on a bump this pregnancy.

Kim gets it all wrong with a sheer ROMPER. Yes, you read it right, ROMPER! Sheesh

Kim Kardashian really has a thing for sheer doesn’t she?  Since announcing her pregnancy she’s been photographed in a very unflattering sheer blouse, peplum with sheer cutouts during her Ivory Coast visit and this disaster for her first ‘baby bump’ red carpet reveal.

And now, today, she’s been photographed in a low cut, completely sheer topped ROMPER.  I keep typing ROMPER in capitals because, sheesh, it’s a horrid look!  This is usually the kind of outfit that is reserved for those that are genetically tall and skinny or for my three year old toddler.  They are the only people that look good in this style.  I don’t know what she was thinking when she bought this, let alone decided to wear it.

Her makeup is looking too yellow – but that might be the harsh sunlight that these photographs have been taken in?  She needs to put some more colour on her lips too.