Jessica Alba is radiant in blue at BAFTAs

Jessica Alba looks incredible in this Atelier Versace gown for the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) 2011 in London on 13 February 2011.  This was prior to her announcing her on 17 February 2011. 

Her makeup and accessories are impeccable. I love the way her necklace draws attention away from her chest (if only for a short second) and the little clutch is perfect.

Not sold on the hair styling though. Her hair needed to be off her shoulders to accentuate the beautiful bustline of her dress but I think that the plaiting looks a little dated and severe?

Have I got it all wrong? What do you think of her hairstyle?

Jessica Alba does slouchy maternity wear

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. What were you thinking? This matchy, matchy maxi and cardi completely takes over your body and looks a little messy.

It’s hard to think that she got it so wrong when she has gotten it so right, so many times. Might have looked a little better if the maxi dress was a different colour? Maybe black would have been better? I just think that this takes loungewear to a whole new (worse) level.

On a positive note, I do love the delicate necklace she is wearing.

What do you think? Pass or epic fail?

Selma Blair hits the gym

Selma Blair is the reason that I started this blog. I discovered I was pregnant around the same time that Selma Blair was ready to pop. Almost every day there was an article and photo of her enormous baby bump being shown off by fabulous clothes. Admittedly, this post does not represent that! But what I like about it is the simplicity of looking good while pregnant and working out.

For me, well I look a lot different to that. Usually red faced and sweaty with six year old shorts over bike pants that are stretched so thin that without the shorts on top, they would be considered indecent.

What do you think of Selma’s workout gear?